Husky keeps attacking my smaller dog

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I have a siberian husky (Meesha), and I would say she is trained fairly well? She tells us when she needs to go to the bathroom, and can understand basic commands. I use to have 2 dachshunds and she would always ATTACK my really old one (Sandy), to the point where we thought sandy was paralyzed and she couldn't walk for weeks. Sandy would always get in the way of Meesha since she was blind and ran into things a lot, so we think that was one of the reasons that Meesha would always pounce on her. Sandy died because she was around 13 or 14 years old, but I feel as though she would've had more life in her if Meesha wasn't brought into her life.

Fast forward to a couple months later, i took Meesha to the dog park and she was playing really well with the bigger dogs, but these two small dogs tried to play with her and she immediately got really aggressive and tried to bite them. I took her home after that. I read online that huskies tend to see smaller dogs as prey!

The other day, my other dachshund (henry) was home alone with Meesha. Meesha and henry are home alone with each other all the time and there usually is no issue with it. But recently I came home to blood on the walls and henry with big gashes in his neck and head! Henry is still alive, but now he is extremely afraid of everything. My sister left a bag of food in her room and we think that they were fighting over it. I wanted to get a muzzle for my dog for when no one is home watching the two of them. How do i get my husky to stop being so aggressive towards other dogs?? What should I do?


My husky attacks smaller dogs, what should i do?

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