Hulk’s Son Kobe Is The Pit Bull Of The Future: DOG DYNASTY

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FULFILL Kobe, boy to large pitbull, Hunk, who is going to be the following supreme security canine. Previously in the year the greatest pitbull on the planet – that evaluates a tremendous 12 stone – fathered 8 puppies that can jointly regulate $500,000 (₤ 320,000) if they finish proprietor's Marlon Grennan's training school to become elite protection dogs. Marlon, 28, is presently training the following huge star of Dark Empire K9s with eight-month-old puppy Kobe. At the beginning of Kobe's training the powerful dog hesitated to bite or pull, leading proprietor Marlon to push his training further with the eight-month-old being instructed to assault and also launch on command as well as safe and also attack prospective enemies in as well as on vehicles.

Videographer/ supervisor: Ruaridh Connellan
Manufacturer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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69 thoughts on “Hulk’s Son Kobe Is The Pit Bull Of The Future: DOG DYNASTY

    1. Monkey King

      Shannon O’Connor lol humans have been ‘ruining’ breeds ever since. Where do
      you think pitbulls came from? Yeah, ‘ruining’ mastifs and mutts.

    2. doug kelly

      Brandon Anderson No there aren’t. There are different types of bulldogs but
      only one pit bull (amstaffs, ab, bullys, bandogs, bull terriers, are not

  1. Lauren smith

    for some reason he is no where close to hulk size he is like a average size
    pit bull in fact he is the size of my female pit her name was fat girl.

    1. doug kelly

      VancouverCanucksRock The two activities have nothing in common. It’s like
      training to be an Olympic wrestler so you can work for the Secret Service.
      It doesn’t make sense.

  2. animal lover

    these are just mutts. only an idiot would spend so much on a mutt and an
    even bigger idiot for breeding mutts then having their ears chopped off

    1. Catherine Michelle

      animal lover some dogs need to get docked depending on if they are working
      dogs. dogs that work with pigs for an example need to be docked because
      pigs will bite off the ears and the dogs bleed to death.

    2. animal lover

      +Amy rose5545
      I never said they weren’t cute. don’t get me wrong I love mutts but these
      people breeding these dogs are ridiculous.
      but call me what you want im not offended. I love all animals and unless
      you meet me in person you would never understand

    1. Les Brown

      Gladiators were subject to certain situations that were not fair and only
      attacked on command.
      Compare this to boxing.

    2. Tia Chia

      dogs bred for protection sometimes get their ears cropped to prevent future
      injury. Look to Kangals. In Turkey they absolutely have to have their ears
      cropped, and usually also wear a spiked collar at all times. The dog is
      made to fight off prey. Ears are a liability in a fight.

  3. Johnny Boy

    Great now instead of 80 lb pitbulls fucking up children soon we will have
    180 lb pit bulls fucking up anyone at anytime.

    1. Master Chief

      Johnny Boy People call dogs pits even though they aren’t pits. They call
      them pits on the media because it makes for a better story and people will
      pay more attention. If they said a mixed breed mauled someone they wouldn’t
      get as much attention. But it looks like a pit so lets call it a pit. Btw I
      have only owned mixed breeds, German Shepherds, and small dogs. So I am
      defending pits even though I have only been around them a lot because I
      volunteer at a dog shelter. And let me tell you that none of them would
      ever hurt someone unprovoked. These were actual pits too and not mixed
      breeds that only look like pits.

    2. Taun-Chi Gaming

      My pit would never hurt a child and even plays like a gentle lab with my
      nieces. You’re giving pits a bad reputation..

    1. Elegy

      Oh, it’s not important at all to know what breed a dog is, for an average
      person. But if you’re breeding dogs and asking $500k for them, you sure as
      hell better know what kind of dog it is. This guy is breeding Bandogs and
      calling them Pit Bulls. Kinda weird for a breeder to continually and
      intentionally make that mistake, in my opinion.

    2. Charlie And Lola

      Elegy he not making a mistake he is just breeding fake pitbulls for head
      size and general mass aswell as the fake pitbull look

    3. Elegy

      Yeah, I know, I’m just saying he’s shady and irresponsible. A lot of his
      dogs appear to have carriage and gait problems as well, with their
      eastie-westie legs and broad shoulders/shallow chests. He only makes videos
      with the dogs that look the healthiest, but these are not healthy dogs. He
      is not an ethical breeder. I’ve talked with you before in another reply, I
      have nothing against Bandogs or mixed breeds of any kind, I think you know
      that, lol. American Pit Bull Terriers are such a healthy breed BECAUSE they
      were bred for health and temperament instead of appearance, so this whole
      situation makes me laugh. There are already thousands of this type of dog
      in shelters in the U.S., he’s just another backyard breeder adding to the
      problem. The fact that he’s garnered so much media attention doesn’t change

  4. littlepiggydog on IG

    You can’t deny the guy is a damn good dog trainer, shame he falsely parades
    his dogs around as Pit Bulls though

    1. littlepiggydog on IG

      RC Freaks but i guess youre gonna say pit bulls and staffies are the same
      because they both orginiated from the bull and terrier which is a mix of
      various bulldogs and terriers used for bull and bear baiting in england.
      but im sure you knew that since youre such a dog expert right?

  5. Jane Matsu

    “the next hulk”… except that hulk is obese and does not work…. This dog
    was too fat and unagile to even jump on a car…

    1. Jane Matsu

      +darnell jones With someone lifting him up…. This dog is nothing compared
      to a real working dog like a Malinois or a true APBT

    1. Grupos de Bakersfield

      Gobby Prick pitbulls are harmless to humans but the are animal agrissive
      that’s why the American pitbull terrier breed is not for everyone

    2. Gobby Prick

      +Jessop Then who is LEGALLY responsible for the animals behavior? Because
      you can’t take a dog to court believe it or not.

  6. Bailey Wilson

    sigh another video of amateurs trying to teach a dog schutzhund. Please
    have professionals do this and stop posting videos glorifying it. That dog
    is not being properly trained and is going to end up hurting someone and
    it’s this dude’s fault and this channel’s fault as well.

    1. Bailey Wilson

      It’s not a sport and it’s the standard of what protection training is. It
      literally means protection dog in German.

    2. Champ Champ

      Bailey Wilson It might be the standard in your opinion and in Germany but
      we are in America. People will have different ways of training based on
      what they need from the dog. Who are you to say dogs should only be
      protection trained according to the schutzhund standard. That doesn’t work
      for everybody and it is not the universal or world wide standard.

    3. Bailey Wilson

      It’s not just the standard for Germany. You’re honestly so ignorant about
      dog training if you think Schutzhund is only in Germany or something only
      practiced in Germany for dogs. The Schutzhund standard is there because
      it’s the safest and produces the results that responsible owners would want
      to see in a situation where there dog would protect them. You don’t get to
      deviate from that because YOU, someone who has no fucking clue what they’re
      talking about, thinks that it won’t work for every dog. Do some research
      and then try to say it’s not the universal standard for protection dog
      training, which it really is.

    1. Kyra and Friends

      Mr. Jones 😂👏🏼 I wonder if people who believe Hulk is a pit think real
      ones are micro versions… Considering the stupidity of many people it
      wouldn’t surprise me.

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