How to use a flirt pole?

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Hey everyone!

Bought my 1yr corgi a flirt pole after reading great stuff online! I looked up exactly what to do with it and all I could find was people making their dogs chase it?

One post said to teach dogs to “take it” and “drop it”, so I’m starting there. I make him “sit”, “stay”, then I point to it and say “take it” and when he finally gets it I do the clicker and treat him. He never holds it in his mouth (he just drops it and comes for the treat) so I haven’t had a chance to try “drop it” yet.

Anyway, my question is: Am I doing this right?? Is there anything else training-wise I can do with this? I’m cool to have him run in circles, but I want to know what else is out there!


Edit: also, I’ve been doing it inside so I haven’t had space to really use it to get him running. So maybe that’s why I feel like I’m missing something lol

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