How to “un” crate train your dog?

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Hello! Brand new to this page.

I was wondering if it is possible and beneficial to allow my dog to roam free when alone? I have a 20lb shih tzu mix and she is approximately 5 years old. She is well crate trained, we kennel her when we leave the house and at night when we sleep. She seems to enjoy the kennel, and when she is out with us during the day all she does is sleep (she’s very lazy lol).

I wanted to start to let her be free in the house when we leave or at night when we’re sleeping. We’re mostly worried about her chewing stuff, and possibly going potty inside. I just think it’s sad she is locked in a kennel for majority of her day/night but when she is out she just lays around and sleeps anyway. I’ve been staying home the past month so she’s been out all day and night and she really does just lay around. Any suggestions on how to start training her to be a free roamer? Or since she just lays around anyway- it’s not necessary?

Thanks in advanced 🙂

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