How to train against bad behaviours?

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Hi there

Our Labrador is about 1.5 yrs and is a great and good natured family dog.


He has some really irritating and upsetting habits. Mainly pulling clean clothes of the clothes line or clothes airer which may be occasionally left outside.

For example my daughter's new and treasured article of clothing is randomly found half chewed under a bush when we arrive home from work.

Also he will rummage through the rubbish (garbage) bins and make a horrible mess strewing the contents all over the garden (yard)

The trouble is that even though Ive had dogs all my life – literally 40 years of multiple breed dog ownership – I cannot get through to this dog that you cannot carry out a particular action or behaviour.

I try to bring him to the scene of the crime and I'm firm and cross and use the same key words and he does look guilty and his body language is all embarrased 'woe be me' and don't I feel like crap now…. but literally 2 seconds later he'll trot off happy and content and I just know this will happen again…..

The other main things are jumping on anyone who arrived to visit… as in jumping forcibly adt their chests/ backs on a way that could knock an adult.

Also destructive chewing.

I don't know how to train him out of his bad habits and i don't know how to turn him into a nice normal pet that we can enjoy and not just regret 🙁

I'd really appreciate some help.

PS He is exercised and does have toys of his own to play with and chew etc

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