How to tire 1 year old lab after neutering

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Our 1 year old lab just got neutered this afternoon. I'm afraid that we're not seeing any drop off in energy level, and I'm not sure how we're going to tire him out without long walks or play time.

I'd like to focus on training; Any good tricks you recommend teaching him that won't involve him being too active? So far he knows sit, stay, down, come, and shake. Any toys you recommend?

Also, he absolutely HATES the cone of shame. It took us 45 minutes to get it on after surgery. Since putting it on, he's not interested in food or water and he has refused to lay down. Ideally, we'd take it off when we're there, and put it on at night/when we're gone, but I'm not sure we can get back on once we take it off. Thinking about maybe putting some boxer shorts on him?

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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