How to switch a puppy from a doggy door to a regular door?

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**TL;DR: Trained my puppy to potty outside. She wanted to go out all the time, so I got a doggy door. Now, she won't hold it if we want to secure the house while we're gone. She barks to be let out when she needs to go, but won't hold it if no one is there to let her out.**

My golden retriever puppy is 24 weeks old (born on Christmas day 2018). We brought her home at 8 weeks, and by about 9 weeks she would run to her potty spot outside because we would consistently treat her for going outside. We also crated her at night so we could make a big deal out of her going outside every morning.

Not long after learning where she was supposed to go, she would go to the door and bark to be let out. She's so smart that she learned that we'll open the door any time she stands there and barks, so she started barking to get out all the time. To solve this, I bought an insert for our sliding glass door with a doggy door flap at the bottom.

Everything was awesome for a while, as she loved the freedom of coming and going, and she likes to find every dog toy in the house and take it outside. We loved it because we didn't have to open the back door every 10 minutes.

Flash forward to present day and we've hit a bit of a snag. She's old enough now that we feel like we should be able to close the door while we're gone (the doggy door insert prevents the door from being locked), and she should be able to hold it until we get back. She won't hold it, though.

I started closing the door while we're home, and she still barks to be let out, and even seems to have calmed down about being let out all the time for other stuff. She mainly barks to get outside and do her business. So, she gets that she should go outside, but she doesn't want to hold it.

Now, I know she isn't holding it that long, because I've taken her outside and made sure she's done doing her business right before we stepped out the door. Less than an hour later and we come back to urine on the floor.

So, how do I teach my puppy how to hold it when she's left alone?

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