How to stop the barking? Help!

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My 4 month old mini schnauzer has learned to bark and it’s insane. She’s mastered “quiet” so if I’m in the room and she’s barking, she stops once I tell her to. So long as somebody is in the room then she is fine. As soon as she’s left alone though she goes crazy. It doesn’t matter if she’s in the crate, playpen or puppy proof room. No matter if there’s food, toys, music playing, blankets covering the crate, it just doesn’t stop.

I’ve been trying to leave her for a few seconds then reward if she’s quiet and then gradually increase her time alone. It’s been over a week and if I’m gone for more than 30 seconds she goes crazy still with the barking. I feel like I can’t leave the house because then she’ll bark and bother everybody and then I get yelled at because she’s annoying them. How can I get the barking under control?

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