how to stop puppy jumping when tired on walks?

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our 4.5 month old boston terrier is typically very well behaved but leash training has been a challenge mainly because he loves pulling and eating stuff but we’re working on it and all the resources here and elsewhere have been super helpful. a new behavior that’s developed that i’m not sure how to curb has made things trickier. when we take a slightly longer walk (maybe 20-30m morning too crazy) i think he may start getting tired and then he starts jumping on us! i’m not sure if it’s something besides tiredness, maybe boredom? but today it was really bad, he kept jumping on my, got my cardigan in his mouth and was pulling down relentlessly and ignored all “drop it” commands, and when i got my cardigan out of his mouth he started biting and tugging on my skirt! i tried standing still to ignore it to no avail, tried to get him to sit, trying to just continue walking but he wouldn’t stop. so i picked him up and carried him most of the way home. i feel like by picking him up i rewarded his jumping (though he typically doesn’t like being carried/picked up) but i didn’t know how else to proceed and people were watching so it got a little embarrassing. any advice would be super appreciated!!

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