How to stop puppy from barking at/chasing the cat?

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Our pup is a 12 week old mini golden doodle. We have had her with us for a month, and she is getting really good at sit/down and come commands. She sleeps through the night and has very few accidents. Our biggest issue is her non-relationship with our 6 year old cat, who admittedly was never socialised with dogs prior to getting our new addition, and is not comfortable with the puppy at all. She does still hang around our yard, sometimes watching the puppy from a high perch, and comes home for food and to sleep, so it’s not a lost cause! So far, we have only brought them closer together under supervision (puppy on leash) when outdoors in the back yard (more neutral territory). We don’t let them engage in fighting, but occasionally the cat has swiped at the dog. No injuries yet. When inside, the cat’s food, tray etc are gated off, and she sleeps upstairs. The puppy won’t climb the stairs, so she’s safe inside. What can we do to improve their socialisation so they become better acquainted? I’m not expecting a miracle friendship to blossom, but if the dog became more indifferent that would go a long way to improve things!

TL/DR: how can we train our puppy to ignore the cat in and out of the house?

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