How to stop puppy dominating 7y/o child?

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We have a 4 month old schnauser puppy, he's been wonderful with our two children up until last week.

He's gentle, bar very mild nipping with our 2 year old however my 7 year old son he's quite aggressive – he barks and growls at him, wrestles toys and occasionally steals his dinner.

He has ASD, and so cannot "fight" back or even respond to these situations. He freezes or becomes easily terrified enabling dog's behaviour; and so it's very easy for Ziggy to take control in these situations and we do stop these situations as soon as we can.

Ziggy is responding well to his training classes and is generally very well behaved.

The question is how can we train him to stop dominating our eldest? The trainer believes that it will happen over a long period of time as it's somewhat against the dog's instincts in their hierarchical views of the home.

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