How to stop GSD from having tantrums when I dont let him get what he wants?

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I first want to say, I do not let him get what he wants when he wants it, he majority of the time needs to work for it and he has structure and a schedule, etc. So normally, in this case id guess "stop letting them do what they want without structure etc you baby them" But i dont. My GSD/CBR mix is 3 next month. He is still intact. I know GSDS are very vocal but he gets waaaay too loud at times. He LOVES dogs but he isnt the best at boundaries so I never 100% trust him to be alone with a dog(s). I always want to be supervising to monitor behavior such as mounting or just getting in their space way too much. I dont allow that. Well, whenever I dont let him do those things, or I dont let him greet a dog, or I just dont let him do xyz, he will have the BIGGEST tantrum. He will whine LOUD, groan LOUD, start barking, and it lasts for awhile. I always always wait until hes quiet and calm to release him and I always reward good behavior. Ive been doing this for 2 years, it hasnt helped. Youd expect him to know to be quiet and I will release him to do xyz, but he just keeps having a tantrum and doesnt stop. And yes, He does know what im asking for. But majority of them time he just doesnt stop. Also, I have worked numerous times with distance and it doesnt help either. Hes a service dog. He doesnt do this while working unless he very very restless for whatever reason but he even his whines are quiet. But still something I really want fixed. I work at a dog daycare and grooming and I like taking him to work. but sometimes i dont let him in daycare if i dont work in daycare cause i want him in my sight. he doesnt listen to others unless its me. Please help, Id really like to be able to trust him with other dogs without my own supervision. And id like he to learn to be quiet and calm and not have a huge tantrum every time i dont let him do something. also please don't recommend a professional trainer, i came to this sub asking for tips 🙁 ill get one once i can afford it Thank you!

edit;; also yes i give him exercise both mentally and physically multiple times daily

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