How to stop bigger puppy from hurting, smaller grown dogs!?

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I have a huge almost 3 month old 20 lb. English pointer, I think he looks mixed with American bulldog not sure. He is a adorable, high energy, will tear the house down, if I don't watch him treat motivated boy. I also have a 8 lb., 14 month old female, chizar, half chichiwia, half miniature schnauzer. She loves playing and is somewhat high energy loves to wrestle as does he. My problem is when he was smaller it was cute and no worries, now he is getting huge and has very strong jaws,( you can hear them snap when he does a play bite) kind of strong. I am very worried he will hurt her very badly now, and not even mean to, just from him play biting, he has already broke my skin on my hand doing so. How can I go about making him understand, he can't bite even if playing, or do I just not let them play together anymore. I have a huge fenced in yard, and I was allowing them to go out and play together, do I watch them or what?! I know he is just a baby, he does stay in a crate most of the time while inside home, cause he will tear everything up he touches, also steal other dogs treats, after he eats his. I let him outside several times a day to potty and play, not on a leash tho.

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