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Hi r/puppy. Sorry about formatting and all that stuff. I'm also kinda upset, so doing my best to be coherent.

I need some help, I've recently gotten a white swiss shepherd puppy, he's 8 weeks old and one day he is meant to be my assistance/service dog. I'm having a lot of trouble staying patient with him at the minute. I have two cats and one is for the most part taking his crap (because he's an idiot) and the other is not, Ori (cat) is growling and hissing but not trying to hurt him. I understand that he needs to learn leave it and separating them is a good idea but I live in a relatively small space so that's a bit hard.

The puppy also chews on everything, yes I understand as puppies they do that but I distract him with other toys and he chooses my hands instead or my clothes. I'm doing my best to stay calm but it's not working too well.

He knows his name, sit and down. I'm trying to teach leave it but his attention span is too tiny. There are moments I feel things are going great and than it all flips in seconds. I've watched all the training videos I can.

There are also ongoing attempts at time outs. I put him in his crate for 3 minutes and than when he's calm take him out again, this works for about 2 minutes after he gets out of his crate. But I feel like such an asshole, because his crate is meant to be his safe space not a punishment.

I will admit I've given him a small slap on the butt a couple of times but it's not even caught his attention.

I just feel like I'm going to ruin this dog and he's going to wash out before he even gets a chance to start assistance work.

I also feel that he prefers my partner to me as when he's home the dog follows him around and would rather be with him.

I'm just looking for some advice and support. I know it will get better, but I'm seriously terrified of ruining this dog. (He's my first dog that I haven't had help training but not my first dog)

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