How to sleep in?

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I think we have Remus on a pretty solid schedule during the week. He’s almost 6 months old, just for the record.

We wake up at 5, take him out to pee and poop, get ready, take him out again, and then leave him him in his crate with food and water while we go to work. He isn’t even having accidents in the crate anymore while we’re at work, which is great. He also goes to bed in his crate around 8-9 every night as well with no issues.

That’s during the weekdays; weekends are a different story. Obviously we’d like to sleep in past 5 AM on our days off, but Remus isn’t letting that happen. He starts barking at anywhere from 5-6, so I get up and let him out to pee, but when I put him back in his crate right after, he is NOT happy. I got up at 6 to let him out this morning. It is now 6:45 and he’s still in his crate right now throwing the mother of all tantrums. We can’t let him roam the house at night because he won’t wait for us to get up to take him out; his crate is the only place he will actively not pee in.

What can we do to get him to let us sleep in a little longer?

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