How to react when puppy bites and won’t let go?

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So, I know the theories on puppy biting: Say yip/ouch, stand up, walk away, redirect, it takes time, praise when they're good etc.

I read that when they bite, you shouldn't pull the body part away quickly because it triggers their "chase" instinct. Cool, that's hard because it hurts but I'll try. What they don't tell you is what to do when this cute little fucker chomps down REAL hard with his baby teeth and will NOT let go. I also saw something saying you also shouldn't push them away because it just makes them think you're playing more.

When they chomp and refuse to let go, I yip/cry, but he doesn't care at all. How DO I get him to let go without making him think I'm playing with him? How do you get him to stop his death grip in the moment? Pry his mouth open? Scruff him? Assume all is lost and feed him to the cats? (j/k I love him even if he's a monster)

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