How to Mitigate Puppy Crying for Hours

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I just recently got an 8 week old golden retriever puppy. The very first day I got him he was introduced to the crate, with plenty of rewards for being in it. He also will occasionally go into it on his own to nap or play. I’ve tried doing a short time going out the door, which he can do for a minute, however, long periods of time he cannot. Today I left for an hour, and the entire time, he cried—I FaceTimed myself to see. I gave him toys, a Kong with peanut butter, and a Greenie, but he didn’t touch the Greenie and just cried. I’ve tried making it seem like no big deal to leave, but nothing seems to stop his whining and howling. Am I going to fast? I’m trying to use this week before work starts as time to get him accustomed to 3 hours alone. What can I do?

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