How to keep my dog from barking if he isnt in the bedroom with me at night?

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So little back story I've had this dog for close to ten years he's a malshi(Maltese shihtzu ) he's blind and relies mainly on hearing and smells. He has always has some one with him while I was still living with my parents however I moved out and am living with my boyfriend and we found out anytime left he goajor destructive so we started crating him and told the vet. She let me know he has severe seperationanxiety and put him on some kinda prescription. However she said I need to do things with him to such as close the door while I'm using the bathroom going in and out which all seeem to be working However she said she wanted him to start sleeping in a different room in his kennel for a few nights to let him know he doesn't have to be with me at all times. We give him his med and he's good for a bit till it wears off then he stars whining and crying all the time I one night even let him out of the kennal and he had free range and went back to bed not 3 seconds after words he starts barking and scratching at my door. Normally I can ignored it but where I moved out in in an apt complex with people and we have quiet hours and its hard to be firm and try not to get a noise complaint at the same time. any suggestions on how to fix this?

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