How to introduce dog to fearful humans (ie non-dog people)

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I have a 4 month old puppy who is VERY excited about strangers and will jump up and start mouthing – I’ve been working on this but he doesn’t do this with me or my partner, so our only way of training is with strangers outside (asking him to sit and wait before getting attention). This only occasionally works and some people are so excited to see him that he won’t listen to any treat or command. Really frustrating as he’s so different with us!

Anyway, my parents are coming to visit and they are very very non-dog people. There’s so many articles online about introducing nervous dogs to humans, but not enough for introducing dogs to nervous humans. Even with friends over, pup will sometimes lose his mind a bit in his crate and this will probably scare my parents a lot. All this nervous and fearful energy is probably not going to help in him leaving them alone either. Does anyone have any experience or tips on this? Thank you!

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