How to help her diarrhoea while changing food?

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We went to the vet on Friday to get her jabs done and while there spoke to the vet about my 9week old puppy having soft light brown stools for the week we’ve had her. The person we got her from had given us poor cheap quality branded food from a supermarket to feed her because “it isn’t too rich for them” but her stools were either liquid or like soft scoop ice cream.

The vet suggested we take her off it immediately because she started having blood in her stools at the end and suggested it was due to a intolerance. We put her on a better high quality brand that day but while her stools are dark brown and healthy looking, they are complete liquid.

She still seems herself, desperate to eat any meal and chewing everything in sight but should I ignore what the vet said and begin mixing her old food back with the new? It’s been 3 days since we started giving her just the high quality stuff and she’s more active on it. But obviously every morning I come into the puppy pen to the equivalent of a murder scene but with liquid poo everywhere in her puppy pen.

I don’t feed her super late either, she eats about 5pm and then we take her out at 11pm and I wake up at 7am to see to her.

Any suggestions

Edit: we have given her a worming tablet as aswell

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