How to help a pup who’s scared of literally everyone

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We have a 4 month old Siberian husky girl who is terrified of every stranger she meets. I'm talking pee where she sits kind of scared.

We got her at 7 weeks from the breeder, and we think they were a little abusive to their dogs. She bonded with me after about a day, but it took her almost two weeks to get comfortable around my boyfriend. We have noticed that she's generally more scared of men than women.

We have asked that people who come over just ignore her presence, which works until they look at her. Strangers are allowed to crouch down and hold out a treat for her, but not to get close to her unless she's willing (she never is). So far she's become fully comfortable with two other people: my sister and my boyfriend's mom.

We also take her with us when we go shopping (thankfully there are a lot of pet friendly places where I live), just to show her that most people could care less about her. We try to give her treats when she sits at our feet and watches, but she's always too scared to take them.

She has never been aggressive to anyone, and she loves strange dogs (maybe a little too much). I'm hoping that it's just a puppy phase that she'll grow out of when she gets older, but I would love any tips or advice anyone has.

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