How to get the dog fights to stop!!

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Hello, my boyfriend and I have a dog who is a lab mixed (unsure of what he’s mixed with). We also live with his parents, who have two other dogs. We got our dog and he was raised with both dogs already present and grown, while he was still a puppy. Now, a little over a year later, our dog and another dog suddenly hate each other.

Now, I’m not talking just a little barking and snapping. I mean full on, blood shed dog fights. The other dog is older than our dog, so he was always getting more lashes in before we could break them up. Our dog recently had a hole in his head and a whole chunk of fur ripped off around the hole. We thought maybe it was because they were both unfixed males, so we got our dog fixed.

Apparently that didn’t work because tonight, while I’m out of town, my boyfriend informs me that it happened again. We live in a three story house, and we do our best to keep them separated. Our dog either stays in the top floor, or when he’s out, the middle level since the top floor is just our room. The other dog stays in the bottom level. We have a gate at the stairs, but the third dog that likes to freely roam the house, force opens the gate often, but we try to close it immediately. My boyfriends father promised to make a more reinforced gate that can’t be pushed open, but he’s made a lot of promises of things and hasn’t kept any of them.

Well, normally our dog knows he can’t go downstairs when the gate is opened, and we have time close it. But apparently that didn’t happen tonight. Apparently our dog ran straight downstairs to get his revenge on the other dog, which he accomplished. Both dogs are okay, just a little beat up. But we are struggling to keep our dog safe and his family clearly can’t keep theirs safe. This only happens when someone else in the household isn’t paying enough attention or doesn’t let us know their dog is outside, etc.

Whenever it’s just us handling it, this never happens and mistakes aren’t made. My boyfriend was actually in the bathroom when this occurred and happened under his brother and moms watch.

Obviously neither of us want to get rid of our dogs, and tonight his father said the next time this happens he will shoot our dog??? Not theirs who also charges and usually is the one who injures ours at the end, but just ours??? Can he even do that? We paid for our dog, I feel like he legally can’t shoot them.

We aren’t in a situation to move out right now, but this needs to be fixed ASAP. I’m scared our dog will get killed by either my boyfriends father or by the other dog. Or one of them will get badly injured.

I’m also pregnant and can’t handle this much stress. I’m terrified all of this on top of some other things that are stressing me out will cause me to have a miscarriage. Is there anything we can do to fix this?? Please help!!

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