How to get my puppy to sleep through the night

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Hi all! So I have a 7 month old GSD, Naiya. I live in an apartment that’s basically a studio apartment, ie there aren’t any doors that separate rooms. This has proven extremely difficult for crate training/sleeping.

Naiya is ok with her crate. She doesn’t love to go in it but she’ll stay in there without crying for a few hours. However, she hates to be in there at night and will whine constantly and, unfortunately, wherever she goes we can always hear her since it’s such a small apartment with no doors. If we leave her out of the crate at night, oftentimes she’ll spend the night walking around or chewing on things & it wakes us up. She’ll always wake us up in the morning around 7am too.

I should add that she’s 100% potty trained and has been for months so that’s not an issue. The lack of sleep is really getting to us. Any tips/advice/ideas? Thanks in advance!

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