How to get my dog to a point where he’s ok I’m the backyard on his own for short periods of time?

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Both of my dogs grew up in apartments (now 4 & 3 yo) and we've dealt with separation anxiety off and on. At this point they do ok out of their kennels at home, but because they like to occasionally snack on houseplants they're usually kenneled when no one's home. This is the first time they've had consistent access to a back yard, and they don't like staying out for long on their own. At home that's not a big deal, I don't want to leave them outside for long unsupervised anyway.

Occasionally I'll take them to my parents' house where they have a bigger yard. They love my dogs but don't want them going inside. If I run in to grab a drink, food, or even just an item I needed, my dogs will scream and jump and the glass door to the patio. My parents say I just need to let them get used to it, but I'm concerned with bothering neighbors. We've been working on placing, but we're still not to a point where it works consistently outside of home. Do I just need to keep working on it or is there something I can do that I may not have thought of?

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