How to get attention back?

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Bit of a weird one. I'm not having any major problems with my pup (touch wood), we seemed to have got over the worst of it.


She's four and a half months now, and her attention span towards me is miniscule.

She goes so over the moon happy with the dog trainer and dog walker, she's a crazy affectionate mess with some of my friends and family. To them, she's as quick as a whip to do commands and as loving as you could ever want. Won't leave their side and adores the company.

Me though, she might listen to me if she fancies it, and she tends to just mooch after me and do her own thing. If I throw a ball, she'll get it, mostly return it back to me but sometimes she'll just drop it and go find something to sniff and ignore me.

She's not bad, and if she does do anything wrong she'll stop if corrected or redirected but man, it's just a sense of 'Eh..ok dad..' off her.

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