How to Get 11wk Pupper to Stop Play-Biting/Chasing our Young Kids?

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I’m constantly redirecting his play bites from my skin to toys (this is par for the course and will take time to see changes, I know), but in the moment when he’s biting at my young kids’ arms/legs/clothes/faces and scaring them, I’m at a loss for how to properly react and help sway that behaviour.

Instead, instinct kicks in when I see him bite my kids and they start crying— I tug his leash and yell “NO!”, then separate him from the kid, and scold him (again, this is mostly a reactionary thing; I lose my cool in the moment).

I feel this likely isn’t the most productive way, but not entirely sure what would be. I feel redirecting to a toy in the moment isn’t concrete enough to show him biting the kids— even in play— isn’t okay. Any advice would be appreciated.

*As a note, I’m always supervising the kids and puppy, within a few feet, holding the dog’s leash.

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