How to discipline/give time outs when puppy is being overly aggresive?

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I just got a new Morkie, we've had him for almost two weeks now (he's 11 weeks), and besides the regular puppy issues (potty training, biting, etc), he's been improving decently over the past couple of weeks. However, he's recently taken a liking to a bush of mint that we have growing in our backyard, and ofcourse, we want to nip that in the bud. Today, we just started standing in front of him and saying "No" when he tries to go there – ofcourse, he REALLY didn't like that. He started barking at us (he only barks when he's REALLY frustrated) and then became extra aggressive – biting way more and way harder, and he's also on a poop strike now (he should have pooped hours ago after lunch, but we took him out twice and he hasn't yet).

I currently have him in a time out so he can chill (he calms down pretty quick in his crate), but with all the stuff I read here about only using positive reinforcement, not making the crate a negative thing (I don't think he views it that way since he sleeps and naps SO well in it), it makes me nervous about trying to discipline him. I don't yell at him, but I am sometimes firm and raise my voice when he is becoming too much, and put him in his crate if he won't calm down. I can't positively reinforce when he is crazy and biting people's hands off, and his chompers are growing quite big and strong now.

What's your thought? Is firmness okay? Are crate time outs okay? When should you apply them? I've taken the approach of raising my pup the way I feel best, as long as I know he is happy and healthy, but I would still love to hear people's thoughts too.

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