How to deal with screaming on walks

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My dog screams/cries on walks. Usually, it happens when there is a dog walking in front of us that she wants to say hi to but can't or when her friends get to go off-leash and she doesn't. She used to do it when a dog went past her on the other side of the street also, but thankfully we've mostly eliminated that issue by encouraging her when she behaved and ignoring her when she had meltdowns. An approach I would take here, but since these fits tend to be much longer because it's a constant presence (or lack thereof) which makes her so upset and I don't want to be annoying everyone off for like a 10 minute time period or something. I believe she does it because she is frustrated and upset and her crying/screaming is a way to vent those feelings. But, it is unacceptable and embarrassing – so many people stare at her and tell me they've never heard a dog do that before.

What can I do to stop it?

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