How to deal with dog jealousy?

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Hello! We are in the process of moving, and will be adding another dog to our family soon. Our 2 year old collie mix (fixed female) is the jealous one. With people she is fine, but if another dog comes within a foot of us she becomes very jealous, nipping and making high pitched noises. Other than that, she loves other dogs, even more than people (if we even spell out d-o-g she starts doing laps around our house). The dog we are adding to our family is my parents 8 year old Brittany spaniel (fixed male) who is sweet as can be. They have met before, and get along fantastically- as long as he doesn’t come near my boyfriend or I. He is not one to react to aggression (as long as we’ve had him). Is there anyway we can make this an easier transition for our collie girl? We are already planning on feeding separately, and will not be left unattended alone together.

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