How to curb puppy jumping on people to greet them

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My 3.5 month old Norwegian elkhound is very cute looking and attracts a lot of strangers on walks to come and pet him/play with him. He knows to not jump on me as a greeting or to get food/treat/toys, but I cannot enforce it with complete strangers who just come up to him and start petting/playing with him and rewarding him jumping on them with hugs…etc… Any tips and advice on how to curb that? I live in a large city with a lot of dog owners and dog parks and I cannot stop every single person to come up and pet him without asking first,, especially young kids we just happen to walk by. Twice already, a small kid will come up to him to pet/play him, and my dog, who is only about 25 lbs right now, will jump and paw them on their faces. I worry once he grows in size that he could harm someone.

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