How to build a successful relationship between a puppy and older dogs?

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My blue heeler puppy is 6 weeks old and currently in my home with her mom/siblings who are my fosters. They will all be leaving around 10 weeks of age.

We have started introducing her slowly to my two resident dogs but I want to make sure we are doing everything correctly.

Bogart tends to do "the stare" when she gets too close, look away for non-violent communication, and will get up and walk away if she crosses the line. She seems to leave him alone for the most part when we allow her on the ground around him and responds very well to his signs.

Benny, on the other hand, will sniff her, wag his tail, then grumble and run away. She seems to enjoy chasing him and I am not really sure what his opinion of her is. (He is a weird dog)

She is curious of them and will lay down/crawl near them to get closer, but seems to stop when she knows she will cross a boundary. She also seems content to do her own thing around them already which I am very happy about.

I think both dogs are currently uncomfortable around the puppies because they associate them with their mom (who they are terrified of, she is a protector mom). I want to help them get more confident around her but not rush it. Currently we will allow her near them for a minute or two a day, or hold her and let them sniff her butt.

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