How to be a less stressed dog mom?

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Since getting our 7.5 month old Samoyed puppy 1 month ago, I can't relax & feel stressed all the time… I'm spending SO much energy on him! Walking, training, playing, learning about how to train…. it's fun but I'm exhausted!

When we leave him alone, I'm stressed out before then the whole time we're out, I can't chill/relax. I wonder if he's sad/barking the whole time we're aware (we are training him to be alone). Then when we're home, I wonder if is he being walked enough? trained enough? progressing through training enough? Is he bored? My energy gets drained lower & lower and I feel completely consumed by puppy – with little time to focus on me or my husband. They say the dog should "mould" to your lifestyle but I feel bad as our way is slower then he likes!

I suppose this is the puppy blues? Any tips?

A million thanks in advance 😀

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