How to address my dog’s fear based leash pulling

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I have a lovely 9 month old female Shepherd/Husky/Akita Mix (what a trio! haha). She's really smart and learns quickly, but is DEATHLY afraid of garbage trucks as we have a dumpster that lines our back fence in our town house. She begins to shake and will run upstairs to hide under the bed when she hears a big truck coming or the sound of a truck beeping in reverse. I think what really traumatized her was when she was about four months old. I was in the back yard with her playing fetch, and the garbage drove over and proceeded to lift the dumpster in the air. She lost her mind at the sight of it to say the least…I picked her up to show her that nothing bad would happen rather than hiding her from it and taking her inside. I feel awful about it because since that day she's been much more anxious around big vehicles.

This fear can make it difficult to walk her as she's only getting bigger and stronger. Normally she is great about not pulling on walks, but the second she sees/hears a garbage/big truck, she pulls so hard that I'm afraid she would damage her throat if I had been using a collar around her neck as opposed to a harness (which is what I use). Any tips on how to address the root of her fears would be greatly appreaciated!

TLDR – Does anyone have advice of how to address my dogs fear of garbage/large vehicles?

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