How the corona virus saved my dogs testicles for one more month (lol)

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I recently got a quote from my vet on getting my 1.5 year old pup fixed. I know I should ideally wait till he is around 2 but since he is a cryptorchid (only has one descended testicle) my vet advised me to do it sooner (not looking for advice or slamming me for this decision).

I went ahead and called them a day later to schedule the surgery but was informed that they are now only doing emergency surgeries and postponing any other type of surgery. Wasn't expecting corona virus to affect vet offices at all, but better safe than sorry I guess! Just thought it was funny, now I have another month to save a little more for how expensive it's going to be to cut into his abdomin and play hide and seek with the other testicle.

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