How much sleep/crate time should an adolescent (~10 month old) dog be getting? Worried I might not be giving my puppy enough sleep, and considering going back to crated naps.

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I have an almost 10 month old Corgi puppy who when all things are considered is pretty well-behaved. She gets plenty of exercise, is in regular training classes, and gets mental stimulation through multiple training sessions several times a day. She is getting better at laying around and settling down in the apartment when we are not focused on her. However, she still has her moments when she basically picks something in the apartment to bark at (our PS4, a plant, a bookshelf). We always redirect her, but part of me is wondering if she simply isn't getting enough sleep right now. While she lays around the house a lot, she is usually doing so with her eyes open and doesn't seem to be actually sleeping. She has a crate in the living room that she can go in on her own, but we no longer have it covered as she was pulling the blankets inside of it and trying to eat them! We are looking into getting her a crate cover so that she can have a darker, quiet area to sleep if she wants to go in on her own.

Her bedroom crate is able to be covered and has blankets in it, and she seems to know that the bedroom crate is for sleeping and immediately settles into it. My fiance has recently started working from home and as a consequence she doesn't NEED to be crated much, but I'm starting to think she should. She sleeps at night from 12-9:00am, sometimes 9:30 when I need to get up. But she doesn't seem to REALLY nap during the rest of the day. I work at a doggie daycare/kennel that has crated naps in between playgroups, so she does get crate time when I bring her to work. But I don't want to bring her EVERY day as I think that will be overstimulating for her. I am wondering if when my fiance is home if he should enforce one or two crated naps during the day? I'm wondering if this will just help her rest and actually sleep a bit more if she is in her quiet crate in the other room, as opposed to the floor on her crate in the living room, which is right where my fiance is when he is working.

TL:DR: How much sleep should adolescent dogs get? Should we enforce crated naps if our adolescent puppy isn't actually sleeping out of her crate, and is more just laying around the house with her eyes open?

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