How much should I exercise my high energy puppy.

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So I have an 8 month old lab hound mix she is very stubborn and head strong so I’m always training with obedience (any tricks you recommend training her or commands any would be helpful) she is 40 pounds and is pretty high energy it seems like the only time she is quiet is in the morning when everyone is sleeping (Also sometimes she doesn’t go to bed she stays up. She won’t settle down). So in the morning I bring her out in the yard play fetch with her and my other dog we play for about 40 minuets then we go inside and I feed her with the kong or use her food as treats and do some training and obedience (she is pretty food aggressive so we got a behavioralist for that) after being out side she does seem to be a little bit quieter she usually just goes and chews on an antler or something. Sorry this is so long but all I’m asking any advice for having a high energy dog I bring her on a 4 mile walk and she still isn’t tired in the summer I would let her swim in the river that would make her tired only if we stayed there for over an hour. Any advice would be amazing I love her very much she’s a shy and submissive dog (Also we do bring her to the dog park and that tires her out but she resource guards and protects things so we haven’t been bringing her because we don’t want her to start a fight or bite someone because of a ball or the water bowl). Thank you

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