How much lunging and biting is normal at ~12 weeks?

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Hi everyone, my wife and I adopted a rescue pup whose lineage is noted as ACD (although, with rescues, you never full know…). We've had her for about 3 weeks. She picks up a lot of training quickly, took to her crate with almost no fuss (thank god), but has a horrible nipping and lunging problem. Any time we go to pet her, her go to interaction is to bite at us. When we walk around, she lunges at us and grabs hold of our clothes, often ripping them.

We've tried using the "yipping" method, but that only seems to excite her more. We remove ourselves from the situation whenever she's being bad, but I'm not seeing much improvement on this behavior. It makes us so that we can't really spend any time with her that's not walking her or playing fetch/tug of war. We can't pet her without her going for our hands.

My question is: How much of this is behavior that she will grow out of, and is there anything else I should be doing to discourage this behavior. I don't want to let it become a bigger issue as she gets older and bigger.

Also, she's still about a month away from her last rabies vaccine, so we're limiting her exposure to other dogs, and also keeping her walks to just the area on our own block (we live in a suburban-ish part of Queens, NY)

Thanks everyone

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