How make 4 y.o old and 12 y.o old dogs get along?!

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Background: I’ve had T (12 y.o dog since I was in elementary).

I’ve had J (4 y.o since mid December 2019).

I think J is really possesive, aggressive and overly excited. I think the reason for this is because I’m his second/third family. I assume he thinks I’m gonna abandom him.

Examples of possesiveness and aggressivess.

He get’s really hyped up on certain time of the day. (I call it getting possessed). He would run back and forth. Get a toy and try to murder it, or steal T’s dog toy he’s playing with. If J is not trying to murder a toy, he would try to nip at T. Ever since J started his episodes of getting possessed/hyped up, T would get terrified and would leave his toys and would try to hide under my computer desk or sit as close as possible to me. My solution: “Call J’s name and I make ‘Ah ahhhh’ sound’. Disapproving sound (It’s from Me or The Dog).

J would bite T if I carry T. Even after carrying T, he would try to bite him. Of course T would kinda bite back but will back off. My solution: Disapproving sound, and put T down somewhere far away from T. (I carry T so I can put him the tub to wash his paws.)

When they’re alone, they don’t fight. We have CCTV’s in the house so I would check.

How can I correct these behaviors? To be honest, I feel like crap cause T’s not enjoying his senior years due to J bugging him and trying to hurt him. I want to convey to both dogs that they are loved equally. Help!

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