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Our 4 month old pup is struggling with going potty outside after 9 days with us. She has NEVER peed outside, not even once, as long as she's been living here so no opportunities to reward her. And now I'm pretty convinced that she associates our cue, Get Busy with going inside, on the wee wee pads.

Is she associating Get Busy with inside? I have brought the pee pads outside with no success, so I think the inside association is stronger than the pad.

She is sleeping through the night without accidents, so we feel really lucky there. We want to go cold turkey on the pads, starting tomorrow morning after she has been holding it again for 11 hours as she did last night and the night before, and start a 5 minutes outside/5-15 minutes crated until she goes outside. It's complicated a bit because we live on the 4th floor of an apartment building so it takes a few minutes and a TON of effort just to get her out of the building without carrying.

If you have general advice or experiences to share, please do. Anything could help.

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