How long to give rescue a "trial-run" before rehoming?

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A coworker found a young male non-neutered tree walker hound on the side of the road that was extremely thin and dehydrated. He couldn't take it, so I decided to get it back to health and see if it would work out.

Took it to the vet who determined that he is roughly 2 years old and after a scare (anaphylactic reaction to vaccine/dewormer/heartworm meds), underweight , but otherwise in good health.

I live in an apartment with my girlfriend and two cats. She works from home and has been taking him on daily long walks, and we've been doing basic clicker/obedience training.

I'm worried he isn't going to work out with the cats. They are kept apart behind closed doors most of the day, and periodically we put up a baby gate to work on breaking his focus on the cats and letting them hopefully get used to one another.

We've been working almost two weeks now, but he still barks (usually just once) at the cats, and gives a low growl is he sees them from his crate at night.

We said when we took him in that we would give it a month to nurse him back to health before making a decision.

Does that seem like a fair amount of time?

I don't want to feel like I'm giving up on him too soon, but I'm also concerned that we may not be equipped to train a two year old dog to get along with cats.

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