How long to crate train at night?

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So I got a rescued street dog brought over from Oman so I'm not 100% of his breed/age. He's listed as "Wadi" but that's just generic for street dogs in Oman (I think he's part Whippet or some part sight hound). They found him on December 1 and he was still really young so they estimate he's about 6/7 months old now. I've had him since Saturday (5.12.18).

I'm wondering how long I should train him/keep him sleeping in the crate overnight? Eventually I'm just gonna leave the crate door open so he can come in and out at night, but I read that at first I should make him sleep in the crate instead of letting him sleep on the bed. He's very calm and relaxed but when he goes in his crate he just cries and cries for about a half hour before he settles. I'm thinking of having him still sleep in the crate until he stops whining, but welcome any advice! Thanks in advance! (Also he doesn't seem interested in peanut butter so the Kong w/pb in the crate didn't work)

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