How long is too long in a kennel for an 11 month old bulldog/pit mix?

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I've never needed to keep a dog in a kennel. I currently have a lab/pit/boxer mix. He was trained enough when we adopted around age 2 that he didn't need a kennel.

My friend recently took in an 11 month old unfixed male bulldog/pit mix they are considering adopting. She works full-time and is taking classes 2 nights a week. She hs a cat and has a couple young kids (under age 10 but school age) that she shares with her ex, who lives about 45 minutes away from her, and have activities/sports. Her SO works full time and has a 2nd job part-time. They already have a cat. They plan to keep the dog in a kennel overnights and while they're not home. This dog is already on his 3rd home due to having too much energy for previous owners.

She claims that pits need to be kenneled or they destory things. She also claims the dog is "kennel trained." I asked what that means and she said "he's trained not to pee in his kennel." She also mentioned putting him in the kennel as a punishment for humping her kids too much and not stopping when she said no. I pointed out that it may be confusing to punish the dog with the kennel while also leaving him in there while you're out. She said it's what she has always done and its fine.

Can you help me find resources and tools to help her learn how best to take care of this dog? I believe she wants to be a good owner but I'm also sad for the life she is setting up for this dog as far as being in a kennel for 16-20 hours a day while a cat has free roam around the house.

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