How long did it take your pup to get used to cats?

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(I’ll preface this by saying I know it depends on breed, prey drive, the cat, etc. I’m just interested in generalities)

I have a 15 week old Bernese Mountain Dog, and a grumpy 13 year old cat. When I got my pup, I had 2 cats, but one unfortunately died a month ago of very sudden kidney failure. Doubly unfortunate, she was the cat who was great with the puppy. She was teaching him boundaries and was hanging out in the room with him and he was getting used to it. But now it’s just him and Mrs. Grump, and she can’t stand him. Of course he thinks she is just a really fun squeaky toy and it’s all a game.

The cat has lots of cordoned off space (2 floors), and I’m doing lots of behavioural work and positive reinforcement with the pup. I’m just wondering if I’m looking at months or years of this kind of interaction where he doesn’t read her moods.

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