How long did it take for your pup to become truly potty trained?

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We’re on month 4 of puppy ownership, and it’s not getting any better. He’s six months old and I know he can hold his pee for a length of time because he never pees in the crate when we go to work, but once he’s out, the rest of the house seems to be fair game. Sometimes he just squats where he stands and gives no warning, other times he’ll pace around in circles and I can get a hint that he has to go out. But I can never be sure of exactly when he needs to go out, and if you aren’t with him immediately ready to go out when he decides that he has to go, then he won’t wait for you at all. Sometimes he goes on long streaks and will have a week or so without accidents, and then without warning, he’ll suddenly have 4-5 in a single day.

This is exhausting, and we just bought a beautiful house and I don’t want our floors to be ruined…he even peed in a vent and I had to scrub the inside of the duct with enzyme cleaner.

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