How do you treat your dog’s worsening anxiety when your life gets in the way?

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I recently adopted a 3 year old cocker spaniel who I adore. However her velcro dog syndrome/separation anxiety is gotten significantly worse in just the 3 weeks I've had her (and now made even worse by a 2 day trip I took, leaving her at daycare/boarding).

She is extremely agitated when I come home, like crying and shaking agitated. I've been informed by my neighbors she spends almost the entire time I'm gone looking out the front door. She also is following me constantly now (it was only some of the time at first) and whines/cries even if I use the bathroom. This had put a huge hamper on my sex life, to say the least.

Finally, she also gets car sick, and is developing anxiety about the car. It seems like each trip she makes it even less far before puking.

I'm doing research on how to combat her anxiety. However everything I'm reading says this will require slow desensitization. How is that possible when I have to leave for work every day? I teach for 3 hours every afternoon, and cannot take her with me. Her separation anxiety isn't helped by being at doggy daycare, and the car rides are getting worse. I am at a loss as to how to do slow build up exposures for all these different things when the practical limitations of my life require she be left alone a few hours every day for the foreseeable future. Help!

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