How do you manage a puppy that gets RIDICULOUSLY HYPER after eating?

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I have a 8 weeks old American Akita, he is just the best behaved puppy I could’ve asked for. Except after he eats. So we just started him on a new food (farmina N&D low grain) and this hyper behaviour started happening. For about an hour and a half after eating he goes NUTS. Bites down on his toys and jerks them around, runs around so much that he starts panting like crazy and nips and chases every ankle he can find. He even bites us HARD and squirms like hell when we pick him up. (This doesn’t happen normally at all, he is so docile when we pick him up). After about 1-1.5 hours of this craziness he settles down and naps. This did not happen before we changed his food guys. We got him pretty early around 5 and a half weeks old, so the vet asked us to feed him baby food for puppies. And then slowly transition to kibble.

Also, a quick google search suggested that hyper behaviour in dogs after eating might be because of excess sugar/carbs in his food. I checked the label, 73 percent of energy comes from protein and fats and 26 percent comes from “everything else”. Any help is appreciated guys. Please ask me anything if you need any further info. Thanks!

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