How do you know when a normal behavior is unacceptable (barking, growling)

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There are links in the wiki, i just am not sure what i should be trying to train

My dog does a few behaviors that are normal, like barking at strangers or growling when he fears you are going to take something he values. I don't want to be trying to be too contolling, but i don't want it to be a nuisance (barking) or threatening.

We have a backyard with a fairly steep slope with a chain link fence at the top. Raider is inside most of the day but he goes out in the morning and after our evening walk he zooms around the yard. We play fetch or tug. (I use 2 balls because he won't let go of the first ball).

He barks at other dogs on the other side of the fence. This week my neighbor is working on a new fence (brick) and my dog goes crazy barking when they are working. The neighbor to the side of me complained about the barking today. I try calling Raider, but it takes a long time because he pays more attention to them than to me.

When strangers come to the door he barks, but when i tell him it's okay, he stops. I tell him it is okay outside, too, but it is hard to get his attention. He does not bark inside the house, except when someone comes to the door. I reward him with treats when he comes inside from the backyard. I can lift him, but the hill is too steep for me.

Also, he guards resources and growls if you get near a special treat or try to get him out from under the bed. I can leave him be and he us okay. He snapped at me once. I am trying to teach drop it, but we need a lot more work.

The thing is, barking and growling are natural behaviors and i don't want to extinguish them. How do i know when it is excssive.

He was barking a lot before the neighbor complained. He was inside by then, but, there are people working on our fence which he thinks is his.

So, how do you know when a behavior is a problem or just something dogs do?

I started reading a book called Mine, about resource guarding but i have not got very far yet

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