How do you keep track of your board and trains?

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Hello training community 👋🏼 I work as the training manager at a boarding facility and am curious about how you as trainers keep yourselves organized with multiple dogs at once.

I used to be in the habit of writing daily notes on my board and train dogs using a pre-made form. Each dog would have their own section in a binder where I would keep these notes and at the end of their stay I would compile them and include them in the dog’s checkout folder so that the owners could see in writing their dog’s progression. It was also a great way for me to look back if I hit a wall with a certain dog to see what has worked or what didn’t previously work, etc.

I have really slacked off on this in the last few months and basically just don’t do it anymore. I am the sole trainer at the facility and have anywhere from 5-8 board and train dogs on a daily basis (8 hour work day), not to mention 4 weekly group classes and generally a handful of private lessons a week, so you can see how I may have fallen behind on the little things.

Am I just creating more work for myself or are there others that keep notes on their dogs throughout their stay? Do you find that the owners appreciate this or that it just goes over their head? How do you keep yourselves organized?

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