How do you deal with your own anxiety?

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This question is for puppy owners with anxiety issues.

I've been on the verge of tears almost 24/7 since I got my pup. He is 6 months old now, and if I'm not worried about a thing I'm worried about another. First it was whether I was a good dog mom or not, then whether he is happy or not, then whether I was exercising him too much or too little, whether I'm training him well or if I'm inducing bad behaviors, whether he is lonely or not because he doesn't get to play with other dogs often, whether he eats too much or too little, whether I should hang out with friends or not during the week because I already leave him alone while I work…the list goes on. Lately I've noticed he's swaying his hips a bit and now I'm terrified that he might have hip dysplasia (already scheduled a vet appointment for this weekend).

I cried a ton over the past two days just thinking about the possibilities and realized that this much worrying is not normal. How do you deal with it? How do you calm yourself and assure you that everything is all right?

And then you add the puppy blues I'm still dealing with almost every day and I end up feeling anxious and guilty. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog, I love spending time with him, and I wanted to raise a puppy for the longest time. I did a lot of research and prepped for his arrival. I just didn't think I would be feeling this miserable.

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