How do you deal with the pain of seeing dogs mistreated in the name of “training”?

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Two days ago I was watching a comedy show and heard a casual story told by a man. He left his three month old dachshund in his car, where the dog chewed up a phone charging cord. When the man found it, he began spanking the puppy. The story came about because the dog began screaming loud enough for people around him to hear. The story/his actions were treated as normal/reasonable/funny by the hosts, 300 person audience, etc, and lots of jokes were made. I’m not usually sensitive to humor but the story and reaction upset me a lot, and it keeps coming back into my head and continues to make me upset. I avoid stories of animal cruelty where I can for this reason, but sometimes it’s just impossible, especially when you talk to people about their dogs. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you manage to live with the thoughts of dogs being hurt, in situations where you can’t explain why it’s unscientific and inhumane?

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